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  • Herba 100% Organic Brazilian 100% Pure FREEZE DRIED A c a i  Berry Maintenance of good health including Memory, Heart and Vision Supports  Anti Aging and Anti Cancer The ORAC value of freeze dried Acai is much greater than fresh or spray dried Acai. By retaining the whole nutrients of 100% organic Brazilian Acai berry skin and its pulp, this super...

  • Herba 100% Natural Chaga Mushroom High Potency 400mg(4:1) extract(equivalent 1,600mg) 100% Natural Organic Wild Harvested, Canadian Rich in ß-glucan Polysaccharides and Betulinic acid Known as “Gift from God The Chaga mushroom, or inonotus obliquus, is a black fungus that grows parasitically on birchtrees in cold northern climates. Chaga is known to...

  • Herba 100% Natural Moringa With all the health benefits of Moringa, it is considered to be one of the most nutrient rich plant found on earth. Expected Benefits of Moringa: Anti-aging, Diabetes, Immunity, Circulation, Arthritis, Digestion, Mental clarity, Energy, Weight management 500mg 180 Vcapsuels/bottle

  • Herba Bee Propolis-Liquid Herba Bee propolis is superior quality and manufactured under strict GMP facility in Canada.Source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health. 30ml No Alchol Health Canada NPN No.80038383

  • Herba 100% Natural Premium Grade ROYAL JELLY Super Food Herba's Royal Jelly is  a 100% natural substance used to sustain the Queen Bee, offering her with longevity and vitality. Royal Jelly contains a range of vitamins, minerals and amino acids and helps to support hormonal regulations of body systems

  • Herba 100% Organic, Peruvian     Super Food Maca Gelatinized for better absrption    Energy, Vitality,Stress, Hormon Balance   Containing 60 phyto-nutrients. Herba Maca is made from 100% certified Organic Peruvian gelatinized maca powder. Gelatinized maca is more easily digestible than raw maca because all the starch has been removed. It easier to...

  • Herba - Canadian Bee Propolis, Alcohol, spray type,30ml

  • Herba 100% natural   The most advanced detox formula             Super          Liver Detox Extra Strength, Milk Thistle Plus                                  Safe and Effective Naturally  Works in 2 ways: Detoxify and Cleanse   Helps protect the liver and support liver function Helps remove accumulated waste product    

  • Herba 100% natural                                       Super  Vision Care With Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and other essential Nutrients 60 v cap/bottle                                                                      

  • Brain PS Phosphatidyl Serine(PS)100mg With Bacopa and Aswaganda 100% natural 90 vegetable capsule/bottle Health canada NPN 80068217                                                                                                        New cognitive and brain health formula-100% natural

  • 100% Natural       BP Control Effective Solution for High Blood Pressure and cardivascular health  Naturally Risk Factors of High Blood Pressure: Stroke, Heart attack, Kidney diseases and Vision loss 90 vegetable capsule/bottle Health canada NPN 80069006

  • Herba                     Extra Strength                  Power  Max Quick response - within 1-3 days 100% Natural 60 vegetable capsule/bottle HealthCanada NPN 80058313  More Stamina/More Hardness/Better performance

  • Super                        Policosanol 100% Natural No.1 choice for your high cholesterol and heart health

  •   Super Prostate Max 100% natural#1 choice for  BPH and Prostate Health

Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items