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Herba Forskolin Supplements - 125mg, 60 Vegetable Capsules- Forskolin Extract for Weight Loss

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Herba Forskolin Supplement features Coleus forskohlii root extract, a botanical with a long history of use in traditional herbal medicine. Originating from the mint family, Coleus forskohlii has been used for centuries in Ayurveda to support cardiovascular health. Our supplement contains a potent 20:1 extract, standardized to 20% forskolin, ensuring consistent quality and efficacy. Each capsule delivers a concentrated dose of 125 mg, equivalent to 2,500 mg of dry herb, and is made in Canada under strict manufacturing standards to guarantee purity and safety.

NPN: 80055625

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      buy forskolin supplement made in Canada
      buy forskolin supplement made in Canada
      buy forskolin supplement made in Canada
      buy forskolin supplement made in Canada
      buy forskolin supplement made in Canada
      buy forskolin supplement made in Canada
      buy forskolin supplement made in Canada

      Product Information


      Herba Forskolin Supplement is derived from the roots of Coleus forskohlii, a plant native to India, which has been utilized for its health benefits in traditional Ayurvedic practices for centuries. This member of the mint family, known for its vibrant blue flowers and aromatic qualities, is rich in forskolin, an active compound celebrated for its potential to support various health functions. Our supplement harnesses the power of this ancient herb in a highly concentrated form, featuring a 20:1 extract that is standardized to contain 20% forskolin.

      Each capsule provides 125 mg of Coleus forskohlii root extract, delivering an equivalent of 2,500 mg of the dry herb. This ensures you receive a potent and consistent dose with every serving. Manufactured in Canada, Herba Forskolin Supplement adheres to cGMP standards, and undergoes rigorous third-party testing for purity, quality, and safety. This commitment to excellence guarantees that each capsule is free from contaminants and meets the highest industry standards.

      Recommended Use:

      • Used in herbal medicine as a cardiotonic, to help support and maintain cardiovascular health.


      Medicinal Ingredient (per capsule):

      • Forskolhii (plectranthus barbatus, root) (20% Forskolin, 20:1, QCE 2,500mg) - 125 mg

      Non Medicinal Ingredients:

      • Hypromellose, magnesium stearate, maltodextrin



      • Adults: Take 1 capsule 2 times per day.


      Do not use if you have a low blood pressure, stomach ulcer, peptic ulcer or reflux.

      Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you:

      • are taking antidepressants, blood thinners, blood pressure medication or any other prescription medication;
      • are pregnant or breastfeeding;
      • have a bleeding disorder.

      Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen.

      Other Information:

      • Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use if seal is broken.


      Q. What is the source of the forskolin in Herba Forskolin Supplement?
      A. The forskolin in our supplement is derived from the roots of Coleus forskohlii, a plant traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine.

      Q. How should I take Herba Forskolin Supplement?
      A. For optimal results, take one capsule twice a day, providing a total daily serving of 5,000 mg of forskohlii.

      Q. Is Herba Forskolin Supplement safe?
      A. Yes, our supplement is manufactured in Canada under cGMP standards and undergoes third-party testing to ensure purity, quality, and safety.

      Q. Can I take Herba Forskolin Supplement if I have a medical condition?
      A. Consult with a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you have low blood pressure, stomach ulcers, or are taking medications such as blood thinners or antidepressants, among other conditions mentioned on the label.

      Q. How should I store Herba Forskolin Supplement?
      A. Store the supplement in a cool, dry place, and ensure the seal is intact to maintain its quality.


      The information and product descriptions and images appearing on this website are for information purposes only. All statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada. Statements are not intended to provide or replace medical advice to individuals. Information related to products is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease outside approved claims. Consult with a qualified health care provider if you have any health concerns, and before initiating any new diet, exercise, supplement or other lifestyle changes.

      Our Guarantees

      • Made in Canada

        For nearly two decades, Herba has earned the affection and trust of countless Canadians nationwide through its premium selection of natural health products. Our products are produced in a Canadian facility that adheres to strict cGMP guidelines, using carefully sourced ingredients from around the world.

      • Ingredients You Can Trust

        Our products are made from naturally sourced ingredients and third-party tested for safety and quality. We will never compromise on our ingredients and products that are enjoyed by our customers, including our family.

      • Advanced Research

        Our products are carefully formulated based on the latest research available and we are proud to use only the finest quality ingredients.

      • Herba Happiness Promise

        We stand by the quality and effectiveness of our product, and that is why we are able to offer our industry-leading customer satisfaction guarantee: a 90-day, 100% full refund — no questions asked!

      Customer Reviews

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      Rapide et efficace

      Livraison rapide et produit efficace j’en commande régulièrement

      images ont peux voir ce que achete

      pour aider le maigrissement

      it works

      I have been taking Forskolin, Fat-loss Diet for a few months and it works! I have no side effects.