Our supplements are made following these simple four steps.

1. Research

Embark on a journey with Herba as we delve deep into a meticulous research process, exploring ingredients, scientific studies, and invaluable human feedback. This extensive exploration is the bedrock of our commitment to crafting supplements that contribute positively to health and wellness. Our relentless testing of various ingredient combinations aims to maximize synergistic effects, and the culmination of our data is shared with Health Canada, ensuring full compliance and safety for our consumers.

It's worth noting that our products have received NPN (Natural Product Number) license from Health Canada.

2. Sourcing

At Herba, we cast our net globally to discover the most potent and safe ingredients. Recognizing the varying effectiveness of ingredients from different regions due to climate factors, we source our ingredients globally to guarantee that you receive the best product.

Before production kicks off, we subject all raw ingredients to rigorous laboratory testing. This is a crucial step that ensures that we're not only meeting, but exceeding stringent quality standards. This establishes a robust foundation for formulating our supplements.

3. Manufacturing & Testing

Following cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, we proudly manufacture our supplements in Canada, adhering to the highest and most current manufacturing standards.

To ensure unbiased results, each batch undergoes testing in a separate third-party lab in Canada. This meticulous testing process encompasses quality, safety, and potency, assuring our customers that every product meets the highest standards of excellence. Our commitment to using an independent lab underscores our dedication to transparency and ensures that the testing process remains impartial, guaranteeing the integrity of our supplements.

4. Customer Feedback

At Herba, we deeply value the experiences of our customers and actively seek their input. Continuous monitoring and analysis of customer reviews and results play a pivotal role in refining our supplements. This iterative process ensures the authentic delivery of intended benefits and aligns our products with the expectations of our customers. Your feedback guides us, making Herba a trusted companion on your wellness journey.