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Herba Tart Cherry Extract Capsules – 120 Capsules | 10,000mg Per Day

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Herba Tart Cherry Supplements feature Montmorency Tart Cherry Extract, derived from Prunus cerasus fruit. This potent 10:1 extract provides a 500mg dose per capsule, equivalent to 5g of tart cherries. Known for their rich history, Montmorency tart cherries are celebrated for their vibrant red color and unique tart flavor. Originating from North America, these cherries have been harvested for generations and are prized for their natural antioxidant properties. This supplement is made with non-medicinal ingredients like magnesium stearate and hypromellose, ensuring a high-quality, vegan, and gluten-free product manufactured in Canada.

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    Herba Tart Cherry Supplements are crafted with Montmorency Tart Cherry Extract, a renowned variety derived from the Prunus cerasus fruit. This 10:1 concentrated extract ensures that each capsule provides a potent 500mg dose, equivalent to 5g of the fruit. Montmorency tart cherries have a storied history, originating from North America and cherished for their vibrant red hue and distinct tart flavor. These cherries have been traditionally harvested and used in various culinary and medicinal applications, making them a staple in natural health practices.

    The product is formulated with additional non-medicinal ingredients such as magnesium stearate and hypromellose, which help in maintaining the supplement's stability and quality. This supplement is produced under stringent manufacturing standards in Canada, ensuring it is gluten-free, dairy-free, and free from soy and eggs, making it suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences.

    Herba Tart Cherry Supplements are a convenient way to incorporate the benefits of tart cherries into your daily routine. Each bottle contains 120 vegetable capsules, offering a two-month supply when taken as directed. The recommended use of this product is as a source of antioxidants that help protect cells against oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

    Recommended Use:

    Source of antioxidants that help protect cell against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals.


    Medicinal ingredients (per capsule):

    Organic Montmorency Tart Cherry Extract (Prunus cerasus, fruit) (10:1, 5g fruit equivalent) - 500mg

    Non Medicinal Ingredients:

    Hypromellose, Magnesium Stearate



    Adults: Take 1 Capsule 2 times per day


    Q. What is the main ingredient in Herba Tart Cherry Supplements?
    A. The main ingredient is Montmorency Tart Cherry Extract (Prunus cerasus, fruit) at a 10:1 concentration, providing 500mg per capsule.

    Q. How should I take Herba Tart Cherry Supplements?
    A. The recommended dose is one capsule taken twice daily, providing a total of 10,000mg of tart cherry per day.

    Q. Are Herba Tart Cherry Supplements gluten-free?
    A. Yes, these supplements are gluten-free, as well as dairy-free, soy-free, and egg-free.

    Q. Where are Herba Tart Cherry Supplements manufactured?
    A. They are manufactured in Canada in a facility that follows cGMP standards and is third-party tested for quality and safety.

    Q. What are the benefits of taking Herba Tart Cherry Supplements?
    A. The recommended use is as a source of antioxidants that help protect cells against oxidative damage caused by free radicals.


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      • Made in Canada

        For nearly two decades, Herba has earned the affection and trust of countless Canadians nationwide through its premium selection of natural health products. Our products are produced in a Canadian facility that adheres to strict cGMP guidelines, using carefully sourced ingredients from around the world.

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        Our products are made from naturally sourced ingredients and third-party tested for quality. We will never compromise on our ingredients and products that are enjoyed by our customers, including our family.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews
      Good product for the price

      It’s hard to rate alternative medicines. I believe it to be healthy so I’m taking it everyday.

      Less joint pain

      I have a rare disease that includes joint and muscle pain. I find that, when I take tart cherry, I need less anti inflammatory drugs.

      Bob Halverson
      Gout, Ouch

      Pretty hard to judge positive effects of some vitamin supplements. I suffer from gout and take a couple of possible solutions to curb it. So far I can say it has been quite a relief.

      Warm feelings
      Easy to swalow

      easy to swallow

      Tommy Genobli
      Hard to find in stores

      It's hard to find this product in retail stores. You can by the supplement on other sites but it's hard to beat this price.